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March 27 2014

'The Americans' Season 2, episode 5: The Mossad knows when to hold 'em in 'The Deal'

In "The Americans" episode, "The Deal," Philip helps a Mossad agent poop while Elizabeth has a girls' night with Martha.

'American Idol' rocker Caleb Johnson's dream date with Jennifer Lopez

After "American Idol" Season 13's resident rocker Caleb Johnson brought the house down with some Led Zeppelin during Top 9 week, judge Jennifer Lopez deemed his performance sexy. Johnson tells Zap2it that he's already planned their dream date together.

Watch the Jim Jefferies stand-up that inspired 'Legit' Season 2's 'Afghanistan'

Unlike "Legit" Season 1, only one episode from the FXX comedy's second season is inspired by Jim Jefferies' stand-up. The April 2 episode of the series, "Afghanistan," is that very episode.

'Arrow': Who is Oracle in 'Birds of Prey'? Does Lance know the secret? Is Thea OK?

"Arrow" has questions to answer after "Birds of Prey." Who is Oracle? Does Lance know Oliver's secret? What will Slade do to Thea? Find out some answers here.

'The 100' recap: Who are the Grounders?

"The 100" introduced a mysterious new race of humans on Earth on Wednesday (March 26) in "Earth Skills." So who are these mysterious Grounders terrorizing the teens?

'The Simpsons': See all 16 LEGO mini-figures of Springfield's best

When "The Simpsons" LEGO minifigures go on sale, fans will be able to purchase 16 of Springfield's most memorable citizens, including Itchy and Scratchy.

'Nashville' Season 2, episode 18 recap: Will says 'I do' to a life of lies in 'Your Wild Life's Gonna Get You Down'

Will wasn't the only character making a big mistake on Wednesday (March 26) night's "Nashville." Read on for the full recap ...

'Psych' series finale live 'After Pshow' hands out superlatives

It was a fun reunion, but we were really hoping we'd hear some news about the "Psych" movie. Ah well. Fingers crossed for some future news.

'Duck Dynasty' Season 5 finale: The Robertsons 'Stand by Mia'

A one-hour "Duck Dynasty" wraps up Season 5 as the Robertsons "Stand by Mia," Jase's little girl. While Jase can be a little rough around the edges, he's a big old softie when it comes to his kids.

'American Idol' XIII Top 9: Caleb Johnson, Jessica Meuse and Malaya Watson bring it

It wasn't exactly "rock royalty" for every choice, but the second half of the "American Idol" Top 9 did a great job.

'Psych' series finale gives 'another world to go into,' says star Dule Hill

"Psych" star Dule Hill tells Zap2it his thoughts for where the "Psych" movie should go.

'Survivor: Cagayan': A Brawny makes a strange move within her tribe

This week, it's the weirdest quitting of "Survivor" we've ever seen but after two castaways are gone, each tribe seems to be fairly unified. Should be interesting when they merge.

'Arrow' Season 2, episode 17: The ladies take charge in 'Birds of Prey'

"Arrow" introduces the "Birds of Prey" for girl fights, the return of the Huntress and a lot of awkward moments between Oliver's exes.

'The Vampire Diaries' showrunners reveal Enzo's 'evil agenda,' tease his road trip with Caroline plus Jeremy's big decision

Executive producers Julie Plec and Caroline Dries open up to Zap2it about this Thursday's (March 27) episode of "The Vampire Diaries," including Enzo and Caroline's road trip, Jeremy's big decision, and much more.

'True Detective' is a drama, 'Shameless' is a comedy and the Emmys are a mess

The number of shows that fall in between the strict delineations of comedy and drama, or miniseries and ongoing series, at the Emmys is mushrooming, and category jumping and strategizing serve more to cheapen the awards as a whole than give individual shows a better chance to win.

March 26 2014

'Doctor Who': Peter Capaldi wields sonic screwdriver during Season 8 filming

The first glimpse of new Doctor Peter Capaldi with his sonic screwdriver is a special moment in "Doctor Who" history.

'Surviving Jack': Christopher Meloni is enjoying the early 90s time warp

Christopher Meloni may be a different person now than he was in the early 1990s, but "Surviving Jack" allows him to revisit a very different time.

'Covert Affairs' Season 5: 'Entourage's' Perrey Reeves cast in recurring role

"Covert Affairs" Season 5 has cast "Entourage" actress Perrey Reeves in a recurring role.

'The Night Shift,' 'Food Fighters' and more NBC summer 2014 premiere dates

NBC has rounded out its summer schedule, and it's going to include a lot more original scripted series than in years past.

'Gotham': See Ben McKenzie's first photo as James Gordon

FOX has released the first photo of "Gotham's" James Gordon. Check out Ben McKenzie as the idealistic rookie, ready to take on the world.
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