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May 24 2015

'Dawson's Creek's' Kerr Smith and Adam Kaufman remember their groundbreaking 'True Love' kiss

15 years after the "Dawson's Creek" Season 3 aired Kerr Smith and Adam Kaufman remember their landmark kiss.

'Beautiful Mind' mathematician John Nash killed in New Jersey car crash

John Forbes Nash Jr., the mathematician who inspired "A Beautiful Mind," died alongside his wife, Alicia, on Saturday (May 23). John was 86. Alicia was 82.

'The Blacklist's' Liz and Red have 'a confusing kind of love'

"The Blacklist" star Megan Boone tells Zap2it that even she isn't entirely sure about the nature of the Liz-Red relationship, but she does know that will have to be answered by the show.

Sharon Osbourne takes one month hiatus from 'The Talk' after collapse

Sharon Osbourne has collapsed from exhaustion and will be taking a month long hiatus from "The Talk" to recover.

'Orphan Black's' Sarah and Paul can never be together again and everything is the worst

Since Season 1 of "Orphan Black," Sarah and Paul's relationship has been a tumultuous whirlwind of passion, hatred, kindness and hot, hot sex. Unfortunately for fans of the once couple, they two can never be together again after Saturday's (May 23) episode of the BBC drama.

'Lost' ended 5 years ago: Are you still mad about that finale?

"Lost" ended five years ago with one of the most divisive finales in TV history. Are you still mad about it?

May 23 2015

'Buffy' reunion: Sarah Michelle Gellar and Alyson Hannigan party with ponies

Sarah Michelle Gellar Instagrams and tweets picture hanging out with Alyson Hannigan at a pony party in Santa Monica.

Tom Cruise's couch jump turns 10: 3 surprising facts about that moment

Tom Cruise jumped on Oprah's couch 10 years ago -- but do you remember what celebrity news was like then? Here are 3 important facts you should consider when replaying that famous interview.

'Dancing With the Stars' Rumer Willis 'still in awe' over win

It may have been almost a week since Rumer Willis and her professional partner Val Chmerkovskiy won "Dancing With the Stars" Season 20 Monday (May 18), but the pair are still on cloud nine.

John Stamos says 'Fuller House' is 'not a money gig' but a gift for the fans

John Stamos writes a Facebook message about why "Fuller House" is happening and he's "sad" some of the cast doesn't feel like giving back to the fans.

Why a 'Tomorrowland' sequel probably won't happen

While "Tomorrowland" certainly could open the door to many sequels for Disney, chances are that's just not going to happen.

Delta's new safety video is a meme-lover's dream come true

Who cares about learning how to inflate a life vest or where the exits are located? The Dancing Banana will guide us to safety.

Josh Duggar's police records ordered to be destroyed

A new report by the Associated Press says that an Arkansas judge has ordered the 2006 police report of the investigation to Josh Duggar's molestation allegations to be destroyed.

'The Hannah Anderson Story' is a real kidnapping case: Remember these facts

Just in time for Lifetime's "Kidnapped: The Hannah Anderson Story," here's a breakdown of all of the key facts you might have forgotten about the kidnapping case.

2015 Memorial Day Weekend TV: 50 marathons and specials

Whether your tastes run toward military movies, "Top Gear," "Battlestar Galactica" or "Drunk History," there's something out there for everyone on TV this 2015 Memorial Day Weekend.

Robert De Niro drops f-bombs in candid commencement address

Robert De Niro very candidly outlined the future for Tisch School of the Arts graduates during his commencement address and dropped a few f-bombs to make his point.

'Jurassic World' star Chris Pratt is already sorry for the offensive things he'll say

Chris Pratt writes an advance apology on Facebook for potential offensive statements he may make during the "Jurassic World" press tour.

'The Good Wife' Season 7 drops Matthew Goode as a regular

Matthew Goode will not be returning to 'The Good Wife' Season 7 as a regular, which means bad luck for fans hoping Finn and Alicia would get together.

Michael B. Jordan's casting in 'Fantastic Four' is not to fill a 'racial quota'

Michael B. Jordan wrote an eloquent op-ed about why he isn't letting the racist objectors to his playing Johnny Storm get to him.

Jennifer Aniston shares what she eats for breakfast

Jennifer Aniston isn't on social media, but she was for one glorious day doing an Instagram takeover for Living Proof Thursday (May 21).
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